Kingfisher Pools Top Lake

The Top Lake

Kingfisher Pools top lake is fed by a small stream along with underground springs enabling the lake to be topped up all year round with fresh water. The lake is just over 2 acres in size and stocked with what believe to be the correct amount of fish to enable healthy growth. Partially tree lined with a variety of different trees.

Our top lake is directly outside the chalets at Kingfisher Pools. The lake is made up with around 85-90 fish with an amazing stock of mirrors, cats, commons and grass carp. Only 5 cats, 1 albino and 4 very large catfish averaging 85lb to our current lake record of 107lb, real bonus fish that would not disappoint if you are lucky enough to catch one. The chance is very real as quite a few weeks over a season at least 1 catfish is landed. A selection of commons are present and our largest is just shy of 40lb. Our largest grass carp in the top lake is now at 38lb. Mirrors are the dominant strain with our current lake record at 45lb, and quite incredible nearly every fish is over 20lb, with a big number being over 30lb and a selection of fish over 40lb. All of our fish are still young and still growing at a steady rate. We have a wide range of mirrors some large and plain some scaly. All fish are in pristine condition, and that is thanks to all our customers who look after them. We supply, free of charge, carp cradles, carp and catfish weigh slings and tripods. This way there is no excuse for mistreating our fish.

Average depth is 6-7 feet, a firm bottom with some large areas of silt. Under water surgery has taken place, and apart from the odd rock all snags have been removed. Roach perch and gudgeon are also present in making our top lake a well-balanced fishery. In total seclusion peace and tranquillity, fishing with only the friends you want to be fishing with, some beautiful hard fighting fish are waiting to be caught.